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When you’re looking for the best cosmetic dental treatment, dental veneers are the perfect solution. Investing in dental veneers gives you instantly straighter and whiter teeth. There’s no need to wear whitening trays, braces, or wait months for various stages of aesthetic procedures to be completed. Rather, dental veneers can be placed in just two easy visits.

What do You Want Your Teeth to Look Like?

Veneers are thin, handcrafted layers of porcelain that Dr. Matian bonds directly over your top front teeth. You can specify what color, shape, and size you want them to be! Feel free to bring in photos of smiles that you like (or ones that you don’t) and discuss how the various aspects of those teeth can be incorporated into your veneer plan. We’ll help you find a design that complements your facial profile for optimal aesthetics and a natural look.

What to Expect

Dental veneers cases start out with a comprehensive exam and smile assessment. As we review photographs and impressions of your teeth, we’ll be able to recommend specific changes that can be made. You even have the option of previewing your veneers on a temporary “wax up” to see what they would look like before starting treatment.

If you’re ready to move forward, we’ll book you for two appointments: a prep visit and a placement visit, about two weeks later. The space between the two procedures provides our lab with the time necessary to expertly craft each veneer by hand. In the meantime, Dr. Matian will place temporary veneers to prevent any sensitivity while you’re waiting.

Flexible Financing is Available

Afford the smile of your dreams with 0% and low-interest financing options that fit your monthly budget. Why wait another day? Call our West Hollywood cosmetic dentist today for a dental veneers consultation.

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Lumineers West Hollywood, California

Lumineers are a new development and the most popular type of dental veneers. They are thin, but have strong features that make them durable. They are provided by Dr. Matian in our West Hollywood dental office. They require no anesthetic, because the preparation process is painless. You do not need to remove existing enamel or tooth structure.

Since Lumineers no tooth removal, there is no need to numb the treated area. You will also avoid having to wear any temporary restorations. Once the final bonding occurs, you will achieve a new, fulfilling, and cosmetically enhanced smile.

When you arrive to the final appointment, the Lumineers will be bonded to your teeth. The procedure is painless and requires no anesthesia. At the end of the visit, you will walk out of our office with a gorgeous and rich smile. Our doctors have years of experience providing patients with successful, fulfilling, and long-lasting Lumineers treatments.

You can schedule a consultation for Lumineers by calling our office today!

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"I have been a patient at VIP Spas for several years and was past due for a cleaning. I received the letter from VIP Spas reassuring us that universal precautions have always been a top priority, which I knew to be true from previous visits. We were encouraged to make needed and overdue appointments which I did. The letter continued to state that additional precautions were in place under the current circumstances. I was impressed with the way that my appointment was handled. I felt extremely safe and cared for at all times. At one time, I was gracefully and kindly asked to wait outside until a chair became available so that social distancing could be achieved at all times. The dentist, hygienist, dental assistants, and office staff were kind, professional, and supportive in these crazy times. Under typical circumstances, I would give them an A+ for their care. They surpassed all expectations and alleviated any fears and uncertainty."

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