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Root Canals
West Hollywood, CA

Your teeth are important not only for chewing, but for maintaining the structure of your jaw in general. When they become damaged, we become susceptible to tooth disease. These conditions may impede function and lead to degraded tooth structure. Many patients are apprehensive about having this procedure because of their concerns about pain. West Los Angeles root canal specialist Dr. Matian, utilizes a different and more comfortable approach.

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Root Canal Procedure West Hollywood, California

When a cavity develops, your teeth will succumb to excessive pain which can inhibit your sleep cycle and disrupt daily activity. The infection can spread to the root, causing increased discomfort and pain. You may have difficulty eating cold desserts or drinking hot beverages. Without root canal, the structure of the tooth will be destroyed.

At VIP Dental Spas in West Hollywood, we are highly equipped and qualified to provide this procedure. To save your tooth, we administer proper anesthesia to mitigate discomfort. The pulp inside of the tooth containing the cavity will be removed. The gap left behind will be filled with restoration and dental material, restoring a natural looking and pain-free tooth.

The root canal therapy in West Hollywood, California procedure can save your tooth. If you practice good oral hygiene, you will enjoy a fully functional and healthy looking tooth. Our doctors commit their utmost efforts towards providing a comfortable, stress-free root canal experience. Do not hesitate to call our office and schedule a consultation if you encounter tooth pain.

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"I have been a patient at VIP Spas for several years and was past due for a cleaning. I received the letter from VIP Spas reassuring us that universal precautions have always been a top priority, which I knew to be true from previous visits. We were encouraged to make needed and overdue appointments which I did. The letter continued to state that additional precautions were in place under the current circumstances. I was impressed with the way that my appointment was handled. I felt extremely safe and cared for at all times. At one time, I was gracefully and kindly asked to wait outside until a chair became available so that social distancing could be achieved at all times. The dentist, hygienist, dental assistants, and office staff were kind, professional, and supportive in these crazy times. Under typical circumstances, I would give them an A+ for their care. They surpassed all expectations and alleviated any fears and uncertainty."

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